Jun. 17th, 2015

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A summary:
* Home computer is attached to the internet via dialup, because that's all that's available where I live.
* Work computer has a nice spiffy fast internet connection.
* When installing Adobe Acrobat Pro at home, whatever massive wad of useless bloat the license activation feature wants to send to Adobe won't fit down a dialup connection.
* So Acrobat offers an offline activation feature.
* You enter your serial number, and it generates a Request Code.
* It then presents you with a box to either enter a Response Code, or click "Activate Later"
* You then take that Request Code to an internet-enable computer, go to the Adobe website, enter it and your serial number again, and you get a Response Code.
* You then go back to your internetless computer and enter the Response Code.
* This should be easy, right? There should be an "Activate my License" menu item, or a popup on launch, or something, right?


So I went to Adobe Online Chat, and entered as my problem that I need to know how to launch the offline activation window to enter my Response Code. I was expecting a two-minute conversation that would consist of something like "Click File --> Preferences --> Some Inobvious Category --> License Activation"

That's not how it went.

Here is the entire transcript:
warning: massive headdeskery )

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