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Many years back, there was a summer where there were three or four separate news stories about people rolling their cars into ditches and surviving trapped there for a number of days, collecting dew off the windshield, eating old McDonald's sauce packets, etc. I thought about that, and what it would be like to be trapped in my car for days and days, and immediately went and put a book in my car.

(After longer thought, I decided that Ellison's "All The Sounds of Fear" was maybe not the best choice and swapped it.)

Anyhow, I've kept an Emergency Book in my car ever since. I've even finished several, not because of any ditch-related adventures but just the progression of everyday life and a lot of the endless waiting-for-one's-children thing that goes with the parent gig. The key is to find a book engaging enough that it'll sustain you in those long, soul-despairing, crushed-by-your-own-dashboard-amongst-the-shrubbery or waiting-for-the-field-trip-bus-which-is-three-hours-late times (remarkably similar in the toll they take on one's psyche) but not *so* engaging that you'll take it with you back into the house to keep reading. I will not suggest specific authors for that perfect balance of not-too-wow/not-too-meh as I expect everyone has their own list of such, and for the sake of author-universe-harmony it's best to let it go unspoken.

Anyway, I had to clean everything out of my car not too long ago for various reasons, and I forgot to put a book back, and this morning I spent five hours sitting in the ER waiting room* so bored I thought I might cry. Also, I had no McDonald's sauce packets.

So consider this your PSA: have you checked your Emergency Book lately to make sure you have one** anywhere you are likely to become trapped? If not, do so now!

(* everything's fine. Kid fainted and bonked her head on the floor, needed to get checked. Instead of reading I spent all morning tweeting #BoredERHaiku.)

(** yeah yeah yeah, ebooks, feh. You can't live on ebooks.)
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