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Both babies have serious plagiocephaly, aka, flat heads. In Ada's case, this is exacerbating (and exacerbated by) the torticollis, which is a problem with her neck muscles on one side (which in turn is largely due to positioning problems before she was born.) I've got early intervention working with her on the neck muscle thing, and we suspect that a lot of her physical delays are a result of the neck problem. In Kieran's case the worst result, long term, would be some degree of facial deformity. For Ada, that plus the torticollis could leave her with permanently lessened mobility in her head and upper side and would make correcting her current physical delays difficult.

So, back to the flat heads. You can fix it. You get a special helmet made which the baby wears for several months which, as their head grows, slowly corrects the problem. You have to get them into the helmets before they are 10 months old at the very oldest. The babies are now 7 and a half months old, so that window is closing.

Anyhow, I took the babies off today to get their heads scanned for the helmets (which was really cool in a tech-geek kinda way) and while I was there they went to put through the insurance and, whaddayaknow, declined. I'd been told to expect that it was likely that they'd only partially cover it (80/20) but not that they wouldn't cover it at all. And these helmets are $2000 each.

I've got three doctors telling me it's a medical necessity. It's obvious to me that it's necessary. And I've been talking to my insurance co, one person after another, and they're all saying they can't do a damned thing for me because it's cosmetic. I'm waiting for a call back from some manager-type.

Grrrrr. And here I was thinking I might actually, y'know, pay some bills in 2009.


Sep. 11th, 2008 01:22 am
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the beginning of the end... )
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Watched the Sox score nine runs in the second inning last night, and then turned around to realize that Kieran was absolutely fascinated with the TV too. I mean, he'll look at it occasionally if it's on, but he was totally intent this time.

I wonder if his first word will be "Yoooooouuk!"

(sniff) I'd be so proud.


Aug. 13th, 2008 02:54 pm
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Yay! I don't have to learn how to knit, at least not this week!

(Not that I have anything against knitting or knitters -- indeed, I often toss around the idea of learning -- but as my good friends can attest I need another hobby [especially one that involves stuff] like I need a hole in my head.)

As I mentioned earlier, the younger daughter of my daycare provider has decided to give the babies nicknames. Kieran is now Pumpkin Muffin, which is an absolutely perfect nickname for him.

I decided, upon brief reflection, that Kieran absolutely needs a little orange hat with a stem and leaf, as appropriate for his new nickname. I considered sewing it, but honestly I find that hats are a serious pain in the ass to get right. Obviously it needed to be knit. And I don't knit. I considered pestering one of my many knitting friends to teach me, but I was concerned that the level of expertise needed to knit a hat with a stem might make the whole endeavor even more impractical.

So I moped. (I mope well.)

Today at work we took one of our office temps out for ice cream for her last day. There's a local farm that makes their own ice cream and sells a variety of farmstand items. And...


knit pumpkin hats!


I will post a photo after I pick him up and get to stick it on his head (-:
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(Following upon an evening of fussier-than-usual babies demanding to be held, bottles needing washing, laundry needing doing, and so on:)

1:30am, finally go to bed
2:30am, Kieran wakes up, needs feeding
3:00am, get back to bed
4:00am, Ada wakes up, needs feeding
4:30am, get back to bed
5:30am, Kieran wakes up again and needs more feeding
6:00am, get back to bed
7:15am, alarm goes off. Go to work!

If I shut my office door, no one will know if I take a nap on my desk...
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Kieran Alexander & Ada Zoe

April 30th, 2008
7 lbs 7oz and 5 lbs 6 oz
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So here I am trying to come up with baby names that are interesting and unique and cool, and thinking I'm getting close, when Cory Doctorow has to go and name his newborn baby Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow.

Nice way to up the ante, there!

(And beautiful baby too.)

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