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As an FYI, I'm not doing Arisia this year. I'm still considering Boskone, but it's probably not likely. I'm still feeling vaguely... unwanted, for lack of a better (or more easily explained) word.
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...and I'm finally about to get one. Wooooh!

This has been a tough couple of weeks, following up a very tough winter. I've still not shaken off the winter blues, though the gorgeous green stuff outside is taking care of the last of that very quickly. Still, I've reached the near-breaking point in discouragement on a number of things (proof: why write when I can clean my basement instead?) and what I need, really need, is to get away from things for a little bit.

So tomorrow evening the dogs will go into the kennel, and sometime early Thursday myself, Daughter, and friend are piling into the spiffy-clean* car and heading for Madison, Wisconsin. I am finally going to Wiscon! Driving to Wisconsin may be insane, but the company is good and I bought the Daughter a portable DVD player to cut down on the sick-of-being-in-the-car whinitude. With luck, we'll have a chance to stop and see some things (Niagara Falls, frex) on the way or way back.

Already there are plans afoot for a rasfc breakfast at the con on Sunday, and sitting around with a bunch of writer friends is about the best way I can think of to start off my birthday on the right foot.** Hey, maybe I'll even come back from this no longer convinced the best thing I can do for my writing career is give up on it.

I am really looking forward to the con, even though I have a zillion things to get done before we can go. Tonight: clean the whole entire house, find the cooler, start planning snacks! (-:

So who else is going?

* Who knew? Dog hair has an amazing ability to embed itself into car upholstery in a way that defies even the most macho of industrial car-vacuums. So I shelled out the $ to have the car professionally cleaned yesterday; it was expensive, but absolutely worth it. It's like new again!
** Not strictly true, but it's the best way I can think of that's at all plausible and/or acceptable to post about on a public webpage (-:
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I have bought memberships and reserved a room... so I guess I'm definitely going to Boskone! I won't be on any programming 'cause I'm still a nobody to NESFA, but that just means more time to spend with people (or, y'know, browsing the books in the dealer's room...)

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