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[ profile] guenpanther and [ profile] mlp367 both totally rock. Thanks for the help, the company, and the nice dinner!
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Friends found. Yay! I love the intertoobs!
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So, I had these really good friends ages ago that I totally lost touch with, and every once in a while it occurs to me that I ought to google 'em and see if I can find them. Unfortunately, I usually think of this at about 3:00am when I'm trying to fall asleep and my brain is instead coming up with a list of other things I could be doing.

Fast forward: I had a moment of extreme dullness at work today and, voila! actually thought of googling them. And what are they up to?

Big fucking art, apparently (people after my own heart.) Wooooh, totally cool! That was apparently two years ago, and now I miss them even more. Alas, I was still not able to find any sort of contact info for them.

Anyhow, on the off chance that any friends of friends of friends out there know Don and Tracy, can you give them a shout for me?
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It was a beautiful day, weatherwise: sunny, not too hot, a light but constant breeze. And best of all, I was not at work! This is what I did... )
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[ profile] llcoolvad is the bestest friend ever. She bought me a full set of bouncy billiard balls. (-:

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