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Trekked east today for my almost-always-annual perennial shopping trip to Blanchette Gardens, which for obvious reasons I missed last year. Been working in the yard as much as mosquitoes will allow (which is not nearly enough) and it's been great seeing my gardens come back to life and order after more than a year of neglect. Met up with non-LJ-Terri for lunch and the plant-acquisition, where we just managed to dodge some short-lived but determined rain. Also, learned a lesson: when someone asks you how to reciprocate a favor done, and you answer "cookies", qualify that with an amount; I am now the proud owner of eight dozen extraordinarily delicious cookies. Yowza! I understand they freeze; I'm good for cookies for a very loooong time (-:

Tried to stick to mostly sun plants, as tackling the shady parts of the yard is a task I'd intended to deal with in future years. Still ended up with shade plants, though, because of course.

plant list )

As most of my friends know, and those who didn't can probably now guess, I get a bit obsessive about my gardens. Enough to have a very good visio map of my entire yard, and have little conniptions about the plants that predate my buying the house which I can't identify the specific variety.

Eh, so there. It was a good day, except for screaming teething babies in the car and one vomiting on me an hour ago, but I also have cookies and plants for the win.
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Never order a damned thing from Wayside Gardens. I ordered a magnolia from them three and a half years ago now and they still haven't managed to ship it to me.

  • First, they shipped me the wrong tree.
  • When it flowered in a very unmagnolia-like fashion I called them and they said they'd had a "labelling problem" at the nursery and that they'd ship me out a replacement right away.
  • Then it was back-ordered.
  • Then it was back-ordered again.
  • Then it went up in price so they cancelled my order and issued me a merchandise credit for the original amount, but didn't tell me that. I called them when my tree didn't arrive and they wanted me to pay the difference between the old price and the new. After some arguing they gave in and got it back on order.
  • ...on back-order.
  • I called this spring and they said fall for sure.
  • I called this fall and they said, "Great news, your magnolia is going to ship to you in the next few weeks!"
  • No magnolia arrived.
  • I called them again just now. Back-ordered until spring.

    Three and a half fucking YEARS. Come on, people!

    I really want my magnolia, it was a special variety I've not seen or found anywhere else. Failing that, I want my money back -- what would I do with a merchandise credit from a company that can't even get one order right?

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  • Prickerbushes, if left alone, spread like the big vicious weeds they are.
  • The glove has not yet been made that will actually protect you if you try pulling out prickerbushes by hand.
  • Overconfident things that they are, though, prickerbushes don't bother growing thorns on their roots. So if you start behind the patch, dig your fingers down right at the base, and then pull, you've got it.
  • When putting pulled-up prickerbushes in the yardwaste bucket, do so carefully, because it really sucks when the thing gets top-heavy and tips over on top of you. Really.
  • Hostas look *much* nicer than prickerbushes. This means that It Is Getting To Be Time for another road trip to my favorite Hosta nursery out in eastern Mass. Maybe next weekend...

    Meanwhile, some subterranean rodent monster has decided that the entire root system of my apple tree looked tasty; I went out to rake around it and the @!&$! tree fell over. It's trying desperately to make new roots, so I moved it to a new location and gave it a bunch of supernutrient root-encouraging fertilizer, and will hope for the best. Needless to say, it's going to be a while before I feel entirely terrible for the headless rodent corpses my cats keep leaving around the yard.

    All sorts of lovely things are flowering in my yard, and I am in love with the world again. Photos soon.
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