Feb. 28th, 2008 09:40 am
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I got a call out of the blue this morning from my contractor saying she wanted to stop by and figure out what they could do to fix the cabinet after the leak a week and a half ago. I'd pretty much written the cabinet off, so yay! to them for following up.

So I went down to take everything out from under the cabinet again so she could get a look at the damage, and it was full of water again! No idea where the drip is coming from this time, I can't get down onto the floor anymore to even look. )-:

I did check it for several days after the plumbers came and it was dry, so I just don't know what the hell is going on and it's making me really unhappy. Also, one of the upper cabinets now appears to be coming slowly off the wall. Can't stuff just go right for a little while, please?
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So I called the contractor this afternoon and they were dismayed and very apologetic, and are going to arrange to have their plumber come out ASAP and fix things and look at the damage; they should be calling me tomorrow to let me know when they'll be out.

Meanwhile, it's probably getting about time to go check the water level in the gravy boat...
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..is that Life might say, "oh, really? Well, then, try THIS on for size!"
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