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I've mentioned in the past that I've got a 52 mile round-trip commute every day (thanks to having to drop my kids off all over the place) which goes home-school-daycare-work, work-daycare-school-home. Unlike when I lived near Boston and most of my time was spent being stuck in a bumper-to-bumper borderline-road-rage traffic hell, my current commute is very scenic and mellow. Near as I can figure I drive by at least six different kinds of cows every day, seven when I go to the chiropractor and drive by the bison farm.

So, really, my commute is more like:tedious but vaguely narratively-important description )

Despite doing lots of driving, it's a really nice, mellow, sort of zen trip. There's a total of three traffic lights and one four-way stop, though I go through them more than once.

It takes me about 12 min to get from home to the big kid's school, 25 from there to daycare, and 15 from there back to work. Today, though, it took me two hours.

Because, despite having no plans to do so, I stopped for nearly an hour by the side of the road.

Here's why. Pic heavy, ya been warned )
Anyhow, that was today's commute. And when I picked up the big kid from school this afternoon, she had a bucket of rescued tadpoles with her from a nearly dried-up pond, so there may be some emergency home pond construction happening this summer. Anyone want to help?

ETA: and I'm once again grateful to [ profile] llcoolvad for the suggestion that one should always carry one's camera, no matter how uninteresting one expects the day to be, because you just never know.
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Well. So, as I mentioned before, my laptop died and that killed what little writing I was getting done. I decided I needed a new one and started looking at the smaller notebooks, then realized that in a month where I've failed to pay my car payment and electric bill and am not sure if I'm going to be able to pick up groceries again before next payday, buying a new laptop at all was definitely way out of the question.

Yet, a new laptop (the model I'd picked out) is on its way as an early holiday present from my folks. Yay! It'll be a few weeks before it gets here (I ordered it from a supplier who discounts to state employees) but soon I will have my Asus eee PC 1000. Weighing in at 3.2 lbs, it should be much easier to haul around places (unlike my 10-lb Dell that died, which was only portable with great effort even pre-baby.) I'm really hoping this has a renewing effect on my writing output. I've been having a lot of great ideas and it's just a matter of finding the opportunity to get my fingers on a keyboard for enough of a chunk of time to settle into "writing mode". (This entry has been written in about four pieces so far as I get distracted by babies and child one and the dog.)

It probably wouldn't hurt to win the lottery, either. It's been a very long time since I was this broke, and I'm finding it intensely distressing. Hopefully I'll find a way out of my current financial hole, and people in Massachusetts will be smart enough to vote no on question one so my job won't go away in January. Though a small part of me can't help but think if I lost my damned job that maybe I'd be forced to figure out what do to with my life that's both satisfying AND sustainable.

Anyhow, it's briefly quiet now so I'm gonna see if I can't get the start of Surf committed to pixels.
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Sorting through vacation photos and found probably the best shot I took of the Grand Canyon:

Writing is still moving at a crawl. I've not been feeling particularly well lately, and I'm still recovering from my parents' extended visit. However, I did figure out why the Aztec story was stalled and I'm doing the research I need to do around the detour they'll be taking on their way across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, a few little embryo story ideas are starting to flutter around in my brain, including a possible return of Verah and Sofi. I've gone back and done some revisions in Miledrop, and should be able to move forward again as soon as I can get some momentum going. Currently Miledrop stands at around 43k.

So things are not entirely dead in the water and I am hopeful that a week on the Vineyard will provide just the energy and inspiration I need to get things back into high gear. I am learning to accept that I'm the type of writer whose writing *is* affected by what's going on in the rest of my life, and that that's just the way I work. I envy those people who can wall themselves off from the world and get hyperfocus no matter what is going on around them, but at the same time I'm not at all sure I'd want to live like that.

Meanwhile, I am passing the downtime catching up on the first season of Heroes. It's been a very long time since I've enjoyed a show enough to actually consider turning on the tv to catch it when it's on...

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