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On the frozen pavement this morning: two splatters of dark red, side by side.
No longer warming ears or comforting brow, having already given its last,
Someone's faithful old hat yarn'd out where it lay.
Spent and done, nothing remains but beaten-down and bedraggled stubs,
Wool that in youth must have danced brightly toe to toe at the pinnacle,
Yet now discarded and dissolute and still.
Was it quick? Was there mercy? Will it be mourned, this quiet servant and its seasonal charge?
What tragedy left such sad and incomplete evidence of a passing for the eyes of strangers?
Had I chalk, I would have given it the final, respectful outline that was its due.
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1. Bonobo makes for fantastic writing music.

2. Picked up a copy of Metatropolis last weekend and finally got a chance to start reading it. Jay Lake is a total freakin' genius. If the rest of the volume turns out similarly wonderful (and given the names involved, there's no reason to expect it won't) I'll have to recommend it as one of the best things I've read so far this year.

3. Kinda bummed that no-one's solved my puzzle. )-:

4. More than that, feeling really down about a (very civilized) misunderstanding. Worried that it'll overshadow other things. Worried that people will think I'm someone/something I'm not. Darned cultural shifts in meaning! )-:
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also, Adventuring Party Politics
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Aztec Death Whistles (with sound clip)
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"NO hate, spam, wiccan, pagan, witchcraft or Anti-American sentiments of any kind permitted"

...because pagans are pretty much all about peace and tolerance, and right now that's about as Anti-American as you can get? Sounds to me like these people are all about the hate, though.

This has been a day of encountering aggressively stupid people online. I have ice cream, I will get through. Try to be smarter tomorrow, world; you're really bringing me down.
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random link-following at lunchtime leads me to someone getting themselves thrown off a My Little Pony forum.
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Worst Christmas Carol Ever. (mp3)

Seriously, back away from the Karaoke machine (and the internet!) when you are that drunk!
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Leonard Nimoy is very tall and imposing and sort of scary, but also obviously a totally nice guy. Also, he has a nice handshake.
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Today's youtube moment of happiness: a Pixar short set to one of my all-time-ever favorite pieces of music. Good speakers are a must.

Happy sigh. (-:


Oct. 16th, 2007 10:44 pm
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This has been a Dune reference day -- just before I tripped across the above online I was showing the child the video of Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice (because it's cool, and because it's obligatory after finally getting broadband to spend lots of time on youtube watching music videos.)

tiny notes

Mar. 19th, 2007 10:39 pm
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I made one of my favorite dishes tonight that calls for two heads of garlic, crushed. Heads, not cloves. (In fairness I doubled the recipe so it's one head x 2, but same difference.) It's all marinating in the fridge right now and I'll cook it tomorrow night along with some nice basmati rice. The recipe is here, if you are interested.

My hands smell like garlic. It almost makes me not want to take a shower tonight. Alas, I must.

What one ingredient, more than any other, brings joy to *your* senses?

It's snowing again. A lot. I'd be miserable about that, but I've got garlic hands. Plus, I saw a bluebird yesterday. Never seen one before, ever. See? That's exactly why I went out in the last storm to buy more birdseed!

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