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review of Concession Girl (Interzone 216) from the latest issue of Locus:

'Suzanne Palmer's "Concession Girl" is an engaging tale of a woman on an alien-dominated space station who runs a hot-dog stand, and who manages to gain the favorable attention of some alien species with both her hot dogs and her bravery and intelligence. Nothing new here, but the story entertains.'

And since my goal was ultimately to entertain, I call that a win!
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From Dreamwatch, a review of Interzone 217. Excerpted:
There’s a selection of other interesting stories too which showcase just how diverse the genre can be; pick of the rest is probably Suzanne Palmer’s fun Concession Girl about a young woman who works in a fast food joint on a space station and finds herself trying to save the place from possible destruction.

W00t! (-: I like it when people like me.
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From a (slightly spoilery) review of Concession Girl (Interzone 217) at SFRevu: "This was a delightful one to read."

From Suite101: "A wonderful story"



Feb. 15th, 2007 03:10 pm
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Well, my first appearance in Locus is a whopping 11 words long, 7 if you don't count the title and byline. It isn't so much a review as a mention that the story was there and a very brief description of the plot ("a revenge tale in an odd dialect"). But hey, it doesn't say "this sucked", so I'll take what pleasure I can (which is not insignificant) from seeing my very own name in Locus at all, and move on.

Next appearance, I'm going to aim to merit at least 15 words (and not just by having a title four words longer.) I can but dare to dream!

(I am home, on account of the temperature in my office hovering between 48 and 52 degrees F. The wind was coming right through the walls, enough to blow papers around on my desk. Brrrrrrrrr.)
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OzHorrorScope, who did such a lovely review of The Ins and Outs of Intergalactic Diplomacy a year or so back, has put up a very positive review of Spheres:
    "If you can get past the eccentric first person narration (this might take a couple of paragraphs), Spheres a very cool little number indeed.

And I wonder why I so often feel like I'm in the wrong hemisphere (-:


Dec. 11th, 2006 10:49 am
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A review in German of Spheres (Interzone 207), translated into English via Google.
(original here)

"Suzanne Palmers `Spheres' is written in a futuristic English, a headache generating. “Ginder' s sphere ploded while I which sitting tons meal, sending junk fly all over Underside.” Why there is the Saxonian Genetiv here, the Gerundium is not used by `fly' witnesses by dysfunktionaler future grammar. And in such a way it continues, then it stops."

Heh. I like the fact that Google's translation is just as wacky as my future english, which of course is further munged above. Here I spent all that time trying to get the slang just right, so that it was followable and still clearly Not Here and Not Now, when apparently putting it through a couple rounds of Google translation would have neatly done the trick (-:

And in such a way it continues, then it stops. Irvil couldn't have said it better.

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