Mar. 7th, 2009 08:17 pm
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The Elder Child is a freakin' slob. By which I mean she is absolutely incapable of cleaning up after herself. If she pours a drink, she always ends up slopping some on the counter and just leaving the spill there. She'll eat a yogurt and I'll find the foil lid upside down on my sofa and the yogurt cup on the rug. She just can't seem to wrap her head around picking up after herself, which is especially bad now that I've got two crawlers in the house who like to put things in their mouth. (And no, she really doesn't seem to get the concept "choking hazard" either.)

Anyhow, I was making dinner and decided to put the kettle on for tea when I noticed a fine brown haze of chocolate milk powder all across my stove, and without thinking just went to brush it off with my hand. Forgot I'd just boiled water for corn. Very lovely burn across the palm of my hand, swelling and discoloration and it might be blistering. Also, hurts like an SOB. Already decimated the ends of the aloe plant. Typing is hard. Going to go sulk in front of the TV for the night.
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..and it's not the *usual* bad spelling, either. As seen on a bulletin board:

Just saying, that right there tells us everything we need to know about the state of education in America.
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Because it's Monday and I'm at work and nobody's broken anything yet for me to go fix, and it's lunchtime and I'm eating at my freakin' desk because I'm too lame to go anywhere, and I didn't get enough sleep last night, *and* I'm bored and looking for dumb stuff to entertain me, this is the sort of crap post you get stuck with. Luckily, the Internet never fails to provide Teh Stupid, and I do not hesitate to share the wealth.

Celebrities! Gah!

Just in case you thought the infamous burger-eating video wasn't horrific enough, apparently the Hoff has his own line of extremely ewwwww t-shirts. I mean, really, "Take it off 4 the Hoff"?!? Could it be more thoroughly repulsive?

In fairness though, it must be mentioned that none of the above has come anywhere near as blight-to-the-eyes disturbing as the Recursive Hasselhoff. It burns. You've been warned.

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