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Interestingly enough, someone at Automoblox apparently has an LJ and has commented on yesterday's letter. Read the full text of the comment there, but the gist of it is:

The male figures are only "in the driver's seat" in the C9 sportscar models. In every other full size Automoblox model we make, the women figures are driving and men are actually sitting in the back seat!

...which I also find sort of odd, but it does strongly indicate that the placement of the people was thought about in advance with an eye towards gender.

Hmmmm. I think I need to investigate this further, possibly with the S9R.
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(letter sent today)

Dear Automoblox folks,

I discovered Automoblox minis in a local toy store about a month ago and immediately fell in love. I bought one, brought it home, and decided it was just about the coolest toy I'd seen since legos. My oldest daughter agreed and promptly stole it from me. To keep the peace I returned to the store and bought a second one, and all was good.

Last week, at the urging of my daughter, I purchased one of the full-size Automoblox, the C9R. It has the same excellent quality and sharp design sense (I'm a sculptor and I work primarily in wood, so I care about the aesthetics of things a bit more than I should) and we were both very excited about it -- until I took off the canopy and discovered the little man and woman inside.

Mind you, I have no objection to the people themselves. What bothered me (and bothers me more the longer I think about it) is that while either or both of the people can be removed from the car and played with, they are not interchangeable within the car -- relegating the woman figure permanently to the passenger seat. While my older daughter is mature enough to have a discussion about the sexism of that design decision with, my younger children are not. I am deeply disappointed and, in this day and age, surprised. Not just boys play with toy cars and not just men drive real ones, and I wish your product reflected a fairer understanding of that reality.

With Sadness,

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Apparently there were a number of children's toys in the 1950's that included actual uranium.

It *is* true that I'd save a few bucks on nightlights and avoid the hazards of trying to change poopy diapers in the dark if the kids glowed a little.
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I really like this toy because it looks like one of those spore-things from the eighth dimension that came back on Buckaroo Banzai's interdimensional rocket car:

I might have to get one. Or three.

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