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Oct. 3rd, 2007 06:41 pm
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We are now just about half way through the week at Viable Paradise. The weather has been very cooperative, enough that we had a nice walk out to the beach last night to view the glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and the amazing starscape above the island.

Things seem to also be going smoothly, both in terms of the students and in terms of managing them -- particularly meals have gone very much to plan, which is largely do to the efforts of my fellow staffy, Mac, who is one of the more unstoppable, upbeat people I have met in a long time. Also, all the instructors are their usual high level of wonderful. I've been too busy to catch much of the lectures this time, but I've had some fantastic conversations and listened in on many more. One of the great things about VP is that it makes me feel so very much at home, part of a community, and that sense is extremely rare for me -- conventions come closest, but even there I do feel like an outsider much of the time.

We managed to make a run across the island to Menemsha with just about the entire body of students to a restaurant called The Bite, which apparently has the best quahog chowder and fried clams in the country. Being not a seafood eater I can't judge, but they made a quite decent chicken sandwich too (-:

I'm exhausted but doing good, but rather behind on LJ -- internet access is sadly sporadic.
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Tomorrow, far earlier in the AM than I would like, the child and I are off to Viable Paradise (where I am staff this year), with a detour through Connecticut to pick up [livejournal.com profile] matociquala. In preparation for the workshop I have spent the last several days sorting and packing up manuscripts, and most of them have now been hauled out to the car. Yes, they fell very clearly into the category of Things I Should Not Lift, but they needed to get from the house to the car and there's no one else to do it, so don't give me a hard time. (It's your fault for not living closer, you know.) Anyhow, I'm going to make someone else (or someones elses) unload them at the other end.

During the course of this, I discovered something astounding:
Items in the Staples aisle at Stop & Shop are significantly cheaper than the very same items in Staples itself.
For example: a 40pk of small binder clips
   Staples aisle: $1.99
   Staples: $3.69

(Staples is a big office supply chain and Stop & Shop is a big grocery chain, for the non-USians among you. Stop & Shop contracts out its office supply aisle to Staples.)

Seriously, though: WTF? That makes no sense at all.

I'm looking forward to the week ahead. I'm also hoping to get some writing done of my own while I'm there, though opportunities may be scarce. Still, I'm hoping some of the energy rubs off on me, because I could sure use it. In particular I'd like to get a lot farther in my first draft of The Fifth Sun -- I've got all my research library books at hand, and I just need to find the map I printed out of Vatican City. I also expect that I will be only sporadically checking in with LJ and email. Maybe I'll work on Miledrop, I dunno. I'm still sort of in my sabbatical-from-writing, too much going on in Real Life to do much more than tinker.

Anyhow, now I only have to deal with the last bits of VP stuff, clean the entire house, do laundry, pack, take a shower, pet the kitties, and go to sleep. I had promised myself that I would finish painting the border in my bathroom before the end of September, but I think I'm going to just have to give myself a pass until I get back.

It's 11:00pm. I guess I better get my ass off the computer.

Hey, try not to miss me too much. (-:
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Here's the schedule of panels I'm going to be on at Arisia in January:

Friday 9:00pm - The Annihilation of Distance
    Today, we may be closer to a person who lives halfway 
    across the globe than we are to our next-door neighbor.
    How does interactive technology change who we know and 
    how we talk? What impact does it have on community,
    volunteerism and local politics?  

Saturday 12:00pm - Creativity and the Physical World
    Making things by hand is a skill that many of us prize. 
    If you can imagine a thing, but don't know how to
    build it, how does that limit you -- or free your 
    imagination?  How does creating physical, tangible 
    objects affect more abstract creative pursuits as well?     

Saturday 3:00pm - Rosley Writer's Group Reading
    John Bowker, Suzanne Palmer, Charlene Brusso, JoAnn Cox, 
    and others would love to do another group reading.

I dunno who "others" are at the reading, since it's just the four of us, but maybe it's a sign that we're going to add a new member? That'd be neat. Anyhow, I guess I better get going on putting posters together. Oh, and there will be lots of chocolate to lure in the unwary.

I'm actually pretty excited about each of these, though of course I also feel nervous and vaguely unworthy, like it's going to be hugely egotistical to talk about my art and writing. Nor do I have any idea at all what I'm reading yet, though I guess I should try to figure that out soon. I'm not sure Spheres is easily read out loud.

I'll also be at the Viable Paradise brunch, if there is one.

If you're at the convention, come say hello!

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