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Now there's a man who really loves his kitchen.

(Wouldn't it be really funny if, ultimately, it was revealed that the whole thing was a book promo?)
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Earbug warning!

I'd never heard of that show before (it's Icelandic) but the main character is remarkably close to how I envision Verah from Concession Girl, if you put a few more years and a fair bit more snark on her.
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via boingboing, a time-lapse film of tourists playing in traffic at the Abbey Road crosswalk. I feel sorry for the ones that couldn't even manage to find one friend to do it with them.
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Hallelujah! (thanks, Yeff)
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diet coke and mentos --> other candies and soda
that treadmill video --> two-man version

In general, it seems to be worthwhile to search on "Nobody's watching" on youtube.
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Now, I don't normally watch TV very often but with my parents here the thing is pretty much on 24x7 and with two small babies I often find myself a bit of a captive audience. And even when I do find myself watching something I don't normally pay attention to the commercials because, frankly, I don't need a new truck and I don't have erectile dysfunction. So when I do find myself taking note of a commercial, it's usually because it's incredibly irritating. However, this commercial made me laugh my goddamned ass off. Maybe it just hits close to home...
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One of those things that justifies the entire existence of the Internet

(stolen from [ profile] anghara, and posted especially for [ profile] mlp367 and [ profile] istemi)
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Otherwise presented without comment:
1, 2, 3


Feb. 26th, 2008 11:24 pm
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A music video, and the response. Who ever thought Jimmy Kimmel could be funny?

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