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W00t! Finally caught up with my favorite photographer (everyone should have a favorite photographer) and bought a couple more prints. Yay!
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Thank you, [ profile] istemi, for directing me to [ profile] classicart:

[oh, another 2500 words revised/added on Arcx today. And my dishwasher is fixed!]
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Here's the schedule of panels I'm going to be on at Arisia in January:

Friday 9:00pm - The Annihilation of Distance
    Today, we may be closer to a person who lives halfway 
    across the globe than we are to our next-door neighbor.
    How does interactive technology change who we know and 
    how we talk? What impact does it have on community,
    volunteerism and local politics?  

Saturday 12:00pm - Creativity and the Physical World
    Making things by hand is a skill that many of us prize. 
    If you can imagine a thing, but don't know how to
    build it, how does that limit you -- or free your 
    imagination?  How does creating physical, tangible 
    objects affect more abstract creative pursuits as well?     

Saturday 3:00pm - Rosley Writer's Group Reading
    John Bowker, Suzanne Palmer, Charlene Brusso, JoAnn Cox, 
    and others would love to do another group reading.

I dunno who "others" are at the reading, since it's just the four of us, but maybe it's a sign that we're going to add a new member? That'd be neat. Anyhow, I guess I better get going on putting posters together. Oh, and there will be lots of chocolate to lure in the unwary.

I'm actually pretty excited about each of these, though of course I also feel nervous and vaguely unworthy, like it's going to be hugely egotistical to talk about my art and writing. Nor do I have any idea at all what I'm reading yet, though I guess I should try to figure that out soon. I'm not sure Spheres is easily read out loud.

I'll also be at the Viable Paradise brunch, if there is one.

If you're at the convention, come say hello!

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